TRIOBIZ LLC is an independent HVAC Testing and Balancing company. We are committed to providing quality testing, adjusting and balancing services for commercial HVAC systems throughout the UAE and Middleast.All work will be done to meet or exceed the contract specifications and will be done in accordance to the highest industry standards.We have delivered years of comprehensive and professional solutions for our customers' diverse needs and challenging requirements in the industrial, commercial, retail, manufacturing and institutional markets.
Since the formation of TRIOBIZ in 2006, we are recognised as being instrumental in the development of the UAE Service Industry through innovation, training, quality systems, and management within the Building Services. Triobiz is an independent Test and Balance company Triobiz LLC has been formed to provide these specialised quick efficient, reliable, flexible and cost-effective technical services to the building contracting and consultancy field.

Mission Statement

Our Mission is to continue to be one of the top quality providers of HVAC Test and Balance services in the Middle East.We provide professional services as an independent HVAC testing agency and comprehensive building commissioning provider.We provide our customers our most experienced and certified staffs

Triobiz For HVAC Testing & Balancing

TRIOBIZ LLC takes pride in being able to serve UAE and Middleat. With that distinguished designation comes the responsibility to provide our clients with a product that is backed by unparalleled quality and integrity.

Triobiz Profile

Triobiz LLC has been formed to provide specialised quick efficient, reliable, flexible and cost-effective technical services.For whatever building project you face, whether it is new construction, remodeling, renovation, or an HVAC system that does not function properly, TRIOBIZ is there with a solution